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Hairy Teens 08
See details
Hairy Teens 08
Today's trend is a shaved pussy and well, the Sweethearts team likes that a lot. However... sometimes it's nice to see a bush on a teen girl, don't you think? Hairy Teens 8 treats you to 9 different girls that don't shave. Enjoy!

Home Alone Teens 07
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Home Alone Teens 07

Sweethearts Porn Tour 12
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Sweethearts Porn Tour 12
Sweethearts Porn Tour is the only series that is 100% guaranteed hardcore. In #12 we present you 6 lovely teens that look sweet on the outside but they are awfully naughty on the inside. Marsha, Jordan and Milla & their boyfriends have bathroom sex, Shirley goes an extra mile to show her hairy pu...

Sweethearts Porn Tour 11
See details
Sweethearts Porn Tour 11
The Sweethearts crew takes you on a Porn Tour for the 11th time and again, we are presenting you with 6 hardcore clips! All-time favorite Abby dresses up as a nurse to get properly fucked, while Milana, Candy and Grace & their boyfriends prefer a horny home game. Nathalie meets a hardhat and take...

Sweethearts from Europe 10 - Outdoor
See details
Sweethearts from Europe 10 - Outdoor
The girls from Sweethearts always fancy a fuck in the open air, but only if they can share it with you! First we have Abby, who doesn't mind a 10 year older guy putting his rock hard cock between her teenage pussy lips. Roxy takes a cock between her tits, while Nikki, Ester and Kala prefer to do ...

Teeny Sportstars 04 - HD Football Special
See details
Teeny Sportstars 04 - HD Football Special
SKU: MSTP40705
A movie full of football girls playing for their own team! These teen babes know what feels best and use their fingers to get that special solo orgasm... With 2 bonus scenes!

Sweethearts Porn Tour 10
See details
Sweethearts Porn Tour 10
Again, Sweethearts present you an all-hardcore title! These girls don't care as long as they get fucked properly. So sit back and enjoy Sandy, Andrea, Jessica, Vivian in the kitchen, Elle, and especially Klara a hot blond Russian girl, who insists to try something with food.

Sweethearts Special 33 - Tiny Titties
See details
Sweethearts Special 33 - Tiny Titties
Leave it to Sweethearts Special to present you with 8 gorgeous teen girls with the most delicious A-cups! Covergirls Alexis & Adriana are playing with each other's mini-boobs while Shun, Bibi and Kitty prefer to have a guy sucking on those firm nipples. And Sonja, Cathy and Sasha? They are enjoyi...

Pure Girls From Europe 09
See details
Pure Girls From Europe 09
Cute girls better stay inside… or should they? The teens of Pure Girls from Europe 9 are on the prowl for a horny afternoon and what better way to find a hot & hard guy than going outside? 7 different girls and only 4 find their fuckbuddy. The others? Well, they don’t need a boy to get off!

Teenage Fantasies 08
See details
Teenage Fantasies 08
The ultimate teenage fantasy becomes reality: naked horseriding! Our group of sexy Sweethearts is on vacation and one of the activities involves feeling a horse's saddle on their nude pussies. That tickles! Besides that, Teenage Fantasies 8 brings you a bit of anal, a bit of underwater, a bit of ...

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